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Bullet Journal with OneNote

onenoteiconOver the years I’ve used a number of different systems to track information and keep organized. Currently I’m utilizing a new system which incorporates the basics of the Bullet Journal system in a digital format using Microsoft OneNote 2016 and Microsoft Outlook 2016. I’m calling the system OneBullet.

There are a number of reasons I went with a digital version rather than the traditional hard copy method.

The two primary reasons?

The first is the search capabilities of the digital format. Search allows me to add large quantities of data (web page clippings, emails, phone numbers, etc.) and have it all accessible via quick search. When some projects can span months or years running out of physical space or needing to flip through dozens of pages to find information is just not an efficient system for me.

The second is that I am notoriously hard on physical objects. And when I’m out on search and rescue activities I am doubly so. My well encased mobile devices tend to do alright (even if they do stay behind when I’m doing swift water rescue activities) and when I have to utilize pen and paper I use a special waterproof notebook. Most of that handwritten information is privileged and never makes it back into my personal journal as a result.

This process has worked pretty well for me so I’m going to dedicate a series of blog posts to how I have it set up in the event others are looking for ideas or have suggestions.