A Tin Man in Mysore

Tin Man

In February a new yoga studio (shala) opened in Austin, Texas and on opening day I tentatively dipped my toe into the Ashtanga pool. Four months later I find myself in Mysore, India studying with Saraswati, one of the best known and most beloved Ashtanga Yoga teachers in the world.

And you may ask yourself
Well… How did I get here?
Once In A Lifetime — Talking Heads

At this point I have been practicing in Mysore for two weeks. I’m surrounded by some of the the strongest and most graceful yoga practitioners I’ve ever seen. And I’ve come to understand that each of them steps onto the mat each morning ready to confront their own limitations, battle for their own gradual improvements and to breathe.

I came with no real expectations, just grateful for the opportunity. Two weeks in, I can say with certainty I’m glad I made the decision to come and I’m looking forward to continuing my practice.

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