Use the Duo Plugin for Improved WordPress Password Security

Do you use WordPress for your corporate web presence or personal blog? How valuable is the content you’ve created and published? Securing that content requires a multi-pronged approach… making sure the software is up to date, servers are patched, unnecessary features are disabled, etc.

Duo Security provides a free WordPress solution which can help in the password /login security department. In addition to using a “good” password, implementing a Two Factor Auth (2FA) login process can provide strong authentication for your website.


An end user Duo account is free and can be used with a number of services including WordPress. Installing and configuring the plugin can be done in under 10 minutes.

Just because the service is free for end users doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable or secure. In fact, Duo Security offers paid plans and solutions for business, but a
personal account offers a really rich set of features. WordPress was the first application I protected using Duo I now use their 2FA to protect several other services I use regularly.

Step one is to sign up for a free account at Duo Once you’ve signed up you have the option to download and install the Duo app on your smartphone. I recommend the app as it provides the easiest second factor authentication mechanism.

Next you can install, configure and activate the Duo plugin from within WordPress… a few screenshots of the process are included below. The most difficult part of the setup is being able to copy and paste. 🙂




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